I’m surprised anyone actually reads this anymore. But to those loyal to this blog I thank you. Yeah so my iPod is f’d up and I need to clean the back of it. Any suggestions for the polish or something I could use to get the scratches out of it? Well it’s safe to say I’m a lot buffer than I was before. My muscles are about 1/2 the size more bigger than they were before. Pretty impressive for a geek eh? Got some new tunes from Blink-182, Breaking Benjamin, Fort Minor and so forth. I must also say my education is being continued further in my Computer Information Systems is going quite well. Let’s just say I know how to mess with the start button and permissions to what programs can be used the next time my parents decide to piss me off. Haha. O and I’ve been watching Alex Albrecht’s new cooking show Ctrl+Alt+Chicken. Good show, definately worth checking out. O and Diggnation has done nothing but get better. Especially Episode 42 where Kevin talks about all the ladies he’s tapped. *Shifty eyes* I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Haha. Peace.



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