March 12, 2006

I haven’t posted in two months. How interesting. So let me fill you in on the chaotic dwelling that is my life. Well my girlfriend left me for me for my friend (yeah that was fun) . I placed 5th in conference for Bowling and my team got 10th in state. I’ve started working out so I’m working on numero uno on my resolutions. I also got the 1GB Nano in black. Yes I know, why get the 1GB Nano right? Well considering I don’t have that much music to begin with I think it’s a good replacement for my 1GB shuffle that broke down. Oh yeah, my chemistry class still sucks. Wanna hear a good story? (no) hey shutup, anyway, the midterm of the third quarter went by and i had a D in chemistry, because we only had 5 assignments in the gradebook and I did bad only on the test. Kinda lame. Oh well I got it up to a C- now. It’s not so bad. Still sucks though. Well till the next update.