New Years Resolutions

January 13, 2006

Well well, now comes the inevitable time of the year where every single blogger tells their local viewers about their new years resolutions. Here are mine as followed (in any random order).
1. Lose 15lbs.
2.If I can’t do #1 then convert most fat to muscle, or at least tone my stomach fat (i’m not that bad but still severely out of shape).
3.Buy another iPod.
4. Bowl a 300
5. Finish writing my winter one act so I can start my writing career off to a good start.
6. Help my girlfriend bowl better.
7. Buy Season 2 of the Office (How easy is that?)
More to come.



Shady’s Back

January 11, 2006

Unfortunately I’m pissed because my dad decided to delete my iTunes off my computer without my consent. I almost blew an ulcer. He’s a genius huh?