Back from the dead

December 11, 2005

Yeah I probably won’t be posting for awhile until my chemistry final is gone and over with. I hate that class so much. But unfortunately the world requires three years of science at least to get into college so I will go on with life. My Computer Information Systems class is great. I’ve learned hexidecimal and how to convert Binary to hexidecimal and the other way around. And now I’ve got the floppy map stuck in my head. It’s kinda weird but oh well. The mind of a geek. Whadda ya gonna do huh? Oh yeah, did I mention I’ve also been watching The Office on NBC. I love that show so much. The funniest stuff on the planet besides Family Guy. So yes…I’ve also decided when I start posting again that I will sort of start my own column on whatever the hells going on in the current world along with reviews, personal politics, personal life, how to’s with PC Repair, and so forth. So stay tuned when Vash’s Place to Hide get’s its new name. I’m not sure what to rename it so if you have a suggestion then leave me a comment then. Till then.