November 19, 2005

Yeah, chemistry is crazy. So many things to remember. I’m getting sick of it too. Creative Writing is going really well though. My Computer Maintainence and Repair class is going as smooth as butter. And American History is fine. So for the most part school has been taking up all my time along with bowling. Yeah bowling started up again and this year I made varsity. Yeah that’s right I said varsity. So all that s#%@ I’ve been getting from a JV member has gone done quite a bit. But every now and then he opens his big yap but whatever. I’ll ignore it. Um…yeah. Hopefully I’ll update more often but for now there’s nothing to update about.


Alex Albrecht is back!!

November 10, 2005

Finally the man has posted again for the first time in over a month. Alex is back and has announced a cooking show called Ctrl+Alt+Chicken. Odd quirky name huh? And if you don’t know already Martin Seargant has a new vidcast called Infected. So go check it out at Alex Albrecht or Revision3.


Money Money…

November 9, 2005

Alrighty. I’ve completely abandoned all plans to find a banner for this thing because everytime I do it changes the template so I stopped. Um…I’ve found out my college plans and now I’m currently involved with that. If it goes my way (hopefully) I will be moving out and to an area with good broadband. And right now I have no money because I have no job and nobody will hire me. That’s all for now. Vash out!