Such a slacker

Wow, chemistry has had me in such a fritz lately. I seriously don’t get the whole conversion thing. So the entire time I’ve been in a panic about that. All though I must say one of the questions the teacher made up was, “1 fizzle= ? Frizzles.” It had some giant table and you had to do this stupid factor label crap which didn’t make any sense. I mean come on! Use actual measurments like grams, or liters. It’s stupid questions like those that have made me fail my chemistry test. And yes I know I’m complaining but that’s basically the whole reason why I don’t understand it. Anyway, I’ve been such a slacker with posting and modding my site. So Friday before I go to a football game and hang out with a few buddies I’m going to modify my site (I know I said I’d do it before but this time I really mean it) and post something for Techspec. And holy crap! We had a spy in the white house!



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