October 27, 2005

Alright I have a banner but for now it won’t show up for a little bit. I don’t know what happened but when I put in there the banner didn’t show up and my blog weirded out by suddenly changing the template size. It was crazy.



New Template

October 23, 2005

Ahh the new template. I think it looks good. I just need a banner now. If someone can make me one then send it to please. Ha I recently just read that not too many people are happy with the Cingular’s Rockr phone and have returned it. I knew it was a bad idea from the start but that’s just me.



October 18, 2005

Well, I guess for now since I’m having so many problems I’m just going to stop production on TC. I know I sound like an idiot for getting all hyped up for nothing but had I had the time or resources I would’ve put my back into it. So I’m sorry for disappointing anyone that actually looked at it. Plus my parents have been giving me a lot of crap lately about being on the internet so much. So um..yeah I don’t know what to tell you really but I’m sure I’ll pick up where I left off after I graduate. I’m so disappointed right now.


Great Glavin

October 15, 2005

Wow….I did update the site but it hasn’t shown up yet so tomorrow I’ll take a look and see if there’s anything I can do about it. Wow….



October 9, 2005

The site’s been updated with an incredible lackluster post on there. You’ll see what I mean when it gets up there. Only problem is I can’t upload it to the server so I have to have a friend of mine do it and I’ve no idea when he’ll get to it. So yeah. I went bowling today. It was kickass. I bowled a 233, 194, and a 234. I think that’s possibly the highest series I’ve had so far. So yeah that’s how my day went besides some observation essay I had to write for creative writing. It was kinda boring but kind of cool at the same time. I sat there and watched people from afars away (sounds kind of creepy) but you supposed to watch how human interaction works in different towns, businesses, etc…. so I did it in a bowling alley. Didn’t take long either. So yeah.



October 8, 2005

Yes I’m an idiot I know, I didn’t update TC because I forgot. I had such an awesome night yesterday. The football game was pretty freaking awesome and my team won 22-8. But it was also pretty damn cold. So I went to McDonalds afterwards to warm up. That was fun. So tonight while I’m watching Saturday Night Live I’ll do it. And if I don’t I shall beat myself up. So here’s hoping I don’t bruise easily.


Such a slacker

October 6, 2005

Wow, chemistry has had me in such a fritz lately. I seriously don’t get the whole conversion thing. So the entire time I’ve been in a panic about that. All though I must say one of the questions the teacher made up was, “1 fizzle= ? Frizzles.” It had some giant table and you had to do this stupid factor label crap which didn’t make any sense. I mean come on! Use actual measurments like grams, or liters. It’s stupid questions like those that have made me fail my chemistry test. And yes I know I’m complaining but that’s basically the whole reason why I don’t understand it. Anyway, I’ve been such a slacker with posting and modding my site. So Friday before I go to a football game and hang out with a few buddies I’m going to modify my site (I know I said I’d do it before but this time I really mean it) and post something for Techspec. And holy crap! We had a spy in the white house!