Rebirth of Tech Corner

Yes that’s right, the rest of you may not care but I do. The website I’ve been waiting for so long to get going is almost in the works. Although content I want to produce is pretty much scarce right now because I don’t have all the resources to do what I want. I really want to get a vidcast going showing you the various topics I learn from my PC Configuration and Repair class. I would love to do that. I also want to get a podcast going with my friends from Rochelle. Right now my template on my site isn’t working as well as I’d hoped it would. The template is completely gone as of right now. All it is the text I had in before and all the links etc….etc. So I’m getting my friend Xander to help me and hopefully the site should be up and running within the week. So don’t go to it right now but later (like in a week) on go to Tech Corner and check it out!



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