More bones to pick

Hmm, I’m slightly angered about someone called Captain on Blogger. His site is called Free the Trilobites or Tribbles or whatever the hell it is. I was kinda angry because on Kevin Rose’s site he left a comment saying “Hey I found a decent blog,” that blog was linked to his own. Pretty lame in my opinion. So I let him know that on Krose’s site and his own. I might have gone overboard by attacking him on his blog so I apologize for that. But then he has the nerve to delete my comment on his blog and gives some bullsh#$ comment that says “blame the spammers vash!” Umm…don’t think so. What’s worse is he deleted my comment and not the actual spam that was on his own site. So yeah…captain you might be a cool guy in your own retrospect but your full of yourself if go on a tech-celebrities website and leave a comment saying you found a decent blog which is your own. And then the whole comment delete dealy. Ok I’m done venting now….so yeah..I think that was the first time I’ve used bold and italics on my posts.



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