I hate chem

I was supposed to do my chemistry project today but my friend didn’t come over with that sheet that had the guidelines for it so I had nothing to do. So I went over to Techspec and posted two stories that I found pretty interesting. One of them was about the mac mini deal being pulled and the other was about Kazaa biting the bullet in Australia. So go check it out! Then after that all I did write in my creative writing notebook. That class is pretty fun. I can write out all my ideas in there. I’ve been writing a story somewhat similar to Mutant X but the character is completely different and it involves government conspiracies instead. It’s some weird stuff. I’ve also been writing a tv drama to sort of speak. I’m tired of seeing these dramas with high school kids who are rich and get all these women so easily. So I’ve been basically writing my auto-biography. So tomorrow as soon as I get home I have to design a chemistry poster and create a magazine ad for my element. It’s pretty stupid. My chem teacher wants us to do some sort of advertising for our element. So yeah, that’s basically my day in a nutshell.



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