So tired….

Yeah, I’m pretty tired. I worked out for awhile tonight. I jogged for like for an hour off and on and then I did 300+ crunches. For me that’s pretty intense since the last time I’ve truly worked out was three months ago. I’m incredibly out of shape and have decided to try and lose some weight so I can at least look good in my other shirts. The only ones that look good are the prep shirts that I have. Anyway, I’ve been falling behind in my posting for Techspec and I hope to start doing that again Monday. I’ve just been trying to get the hang of school and getting used to my new homework schedule that I have. Plus I’ve been immersing myself in the BrokenBinary Forums. It’s pretty cool. That place has some pretty funny characters there. Plus I’ve been dealing with the recent spam that’s been hitting me…….well that’s pretty much it. I’m going to be gone tomorrow and probably won’t be back Sunday because I’m taking a trip to Indiana for some family get-together dohickie. L8er.



One Response to So tired….

  1. Hacked.Alias says:

    have fun in indianna

    dont forget to write! 😛


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