Close but no cigar…

Alright people will think I’m joking about this but I’m not. I was literally ten minutes away from posting possibly one of the biggest diggs in history. The story about Peter Jennings is literally 13-14 diggs from 2000 diggs right now. However when I went to post it I saw that only one other person had dugg the story (obviously somebody with broadband) and unfortunately for me the story had 71 diggs already and was steadily climbing. I was so close, seriously, and I know I’m complaining but what I’m really complaining about is my ISP, aol is a piece of shit, anyway, here’s how it went down. As soon as I saw the story broke I immediately booted up my aol to dialup. Unfortunately I forgot to turn off my Norton parental control list off and the damn thing started loading as soon as I went to type in my password. So I was stuck for a minute waiting for it to load and then I had to re-type my password and was on my way. Well of course the log-on took five minutes and and I immediately hit my firefox icon and furiously typed in Unfortunately once again the transfer to the Digg homepage took like three minutes and when I went to submit the article it was already on there. That’s when I immediately thought, “dammit!” So from there on I just watched as the story soared to huge hits and I sat amongst the background kicking myself for living in an area with the only accessibility to the internet being a crappy aol 33k dial-up connection. Dammit, verizon or somebody bring me high-speed please!!!



One Response to Close but no cigar…

  1. Hacked.Alias says:

    that sucks

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