New shoes are nice

Finally, I’ve managed to ditch my crappy nike’s (trust me they’re good but they’ve fallen apart) and gotten some awesome mossimo shoes. They basically look like skater shoes but I don’t care. Although one thing is I’m not used to black shoes. All my life I’ve warn white tennis shoes basically. Anyway, I’m sick. Literally, sinusitis sucks. I was severely congested for several days but thanks to the marvels of modern medicine I’m feeling much better. Although the side effects of the medicine make me wheeze a little so I have an inhaler to cure that. The only reason I wheeze is because of what happens after post nasal drip and because my sinus is infected. Anyway, I’ve been watching the From the Shadows video’s and I’m quite impressed. Although The Broken and Systm are still #1 in my book, #2 will fall to From the Shadows.



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