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Ahh, a much needed visit to my friend in the next town over got me a lot of tech content to last me awhile. While I was there I downloaded two episodes of The Laporte Report, a couple of KFI’s, all the episodes of Command-N, TWIT 15 and 16, and all four episodes of From the Shadows. And last but not least I also got Systm Episode #3. I couldn’t wait to watch it so I watched it as soon as I got home. Some pretty cool stuff! So for the next week and or two I’ll watch or hear an episode of something once a day so I’ll have something to do until school starts. Yipee!!



One Response to Content Content Content

  1. Hacked.Alias says:

    yeah, i havent been tech oriented this month either. but im gald you got some good tech stuff. dont forget, my podcast, which is subtitiled “The Most Crappiest Podcast Ever”

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