Vote for my buddy

August 31, 2005

Hey Hey, vote for my friend Johnny on so he can be the athlete of the week on my news station 13 wrex. After hitting the link scroll down until you find a poll for athlete of the week. Vote for Johnny Gonzalez. Peace!




August 28, 2005

Believe it or not, my time in Indiana was actually pretty nice. Although I was basically cut off from technology (i.e. broadband) I still enjoyed my time talking to my cousins. My great-aunt has dial-up but I didn’t bother because a whole bunch of family was over. The rest of the family I don’t mind, my family on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to be around. So the entire time I was basically hanging out and talking with my older cousins playing some games and drinking (soda for me), along with watching the Colts/Bronco’s game on a giant tv. Although the house I was at was pretty far from civilization it had a ton of technology in it. So now I’m off to go study for a chemistry quiz I have tomorrow.


So tired….

August 27, 2005

Yeah, I’m pretty tired. I worked out for awhile tonight. I jogged for like for an hour off and on and then I did 300+ crunches. For me that’s pretty intense since the last time I’ve truly worked out was three months ago. I’m incredibly out of shape and have decided to try and lose some weight so I can at least look good in my other shirts. The only ones that look good are the prep shirts that I have. Anyway, I’ve been falling behind in my posting for Techspec and I hope to start doing that again Monday. I’ve just been trying to get the hang of school and getting used to my new homework schedule that I have. Plus I’ve been immersing myself in the BrokenBinary Forums. It’s pretty cool. That place has some pretty funny characters there. Plus I’ve been dealing with the recent spam that’s been hitting me…….well that’s pretty much it. I’m going to be gone tomorrow and probably won’t be back Sunday because I’m taking a trip to Indiana for some family get-together dohickie. L8er.



August 26, 2005

I’m turning on the word verification for my comments as in hopes to stop the spam that keeps hitting my blog. Just like my friend Caleb I’ve no idea why you would want to spam this site. Mine isn’t even that popular. So no more spam.


*&%# Internet

August 25, 2005

For the past couple of days I haven’t been able to access the internet. I removed a piece of spyware from my computer (that probably came from my dad surfing the internet) and my internet would not load any pages after that. It was really crazy. We almost got to the point where we had to reformat my hard drive but luckily it didn’t come to that. It just started working again but my dad won’t let on it. So right now I’m at my friends house (who has broadband hehehe). So you people may not see me for awhile because my dad thinks it’s my fault for downloading stuff like This Week in Tech or Diggnation. You all know that’s a load of BS but whatever. So I might be on later tonight or sometime in the next century. Till Then….


I’m getting sick of this

August 22, 2005

Seriously, stop spamming my site. I don’t appreciate it and from now on I’m going to delete any spam that comes here. If worse comes to worse I’m going to remove my comments. I don’t come to your blogs and spam you so stay the hell away from mine you stupid mofo’s. Anyway I’m sort of tired so I’m going to surf the internet for an hour and then go to bed.


Chemistry Bites

August 21, 2005

I’m not in school even three days and already I have a chemistry quiz on lab safety and lab equipment. So basically I’ve been studying for that for like two hours today. Boring stuff.