Time off for a geek

Well I haven’t talked about my personal life in quite some time now. That’s mainly due to the fact that I haven’t had one the entire summer. I’ve hung out with some friends but all we did was goof off. Of course the whole thing with me asking out the girl I liked never worked so dating hasn’t exactly been on my mind. Well recently I’ve been hanging out with some ladies (one normal and one sort of geeky) and my best friend Jarid. I only intended to hang out with the ladies to pass the time and have some fun. Well now one of them has gotten attached to me (the geeky one) and I’m having sort of a hard time telling her no that I don’t wish to go any further as far as a friendship goes. Well I have another blog on MySpace that is completely devoted to my personal life and friends. Recently I posted on that blog that I did not wish to pursue any further relationship with this chick and that to pursue such a thing would be incredibly awkward. Plus the fact that she hates about all of the music I listen to except Relient K. There’s no way I could possibly pursue a relationship with any girl if she hates and despises Green Day. I’m sorry but that band is just a giant part of my life and the way I rock. I cannot go a day without rocking to Green Day. All my friends know that too. Well I just don’t think she’s been taking the hints and possibly the fact that I posted straight blank in my blog that I didn’t want to go out with her and now she’s been calling me for the past two days. I answered the phone the first day and the second day I just decided to give up and ignore the phone. Not that I don’t like the sudden popularity I’ve been thrust into (trust me before I was a loner) but the wrong ladies are liking me. Lately I’ve been asked like eight times by all these chicks, not that is a bad thing but once again it’s all the wrong chicks. If it’s not a fat one it’s a not so attractive chick and etc….I think you get the point. Anyway I can’t actually wait until I can get back to school, (hold on a sec am I really saying that), because now I’m going insane without school because this place is such a bore. Plus my car hasn’t been fixed yet which is really a bummer. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really want to go back to school!!!



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