What is going on with my FF

First you people oughta know I downloaded FF 1.06 the other day. Ok well the other day I was downloading episode 4 of diggnation, and I looked at my download speed and I had to do a double take. My download speed was at least 525 KB’s/s. I don’t know what the hell happened but I got about 75% downloaded and then it immediately slowed down to 15KB’s/s. It was the oddest thing that happend. Ever since then my download speeds have increased. It’s one thing when you’ve got broadband but when you have dialup you certainly know the difference. Normal download speeds out here for dialup is 2.7 KB’s/s. Well I’m quite happy now my download speeds have increased to 4.6 KB’s/s. Now of course thats crap compared to everything else but unfortunately my town lives in the stone age when it comes to communications. We can’t even get a decent cell phone signal sometimes (U.S. Cellular). I’d change carriers but right now I can’t because my dad pays for it all (I’m not going to complain). Which is quite odd I don’t know why we don’t go to with Verizon or something considering thats my regular phone service. But anyway I’m happy now. Although I wish some carrier would bring something faster out here. A satelite connection something. I’m going insane out here people. All I can say is thank god for friends in the next town over with broadband. Peace!



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