Wow, I just found out that I was born with a broken back and didn’t know it until this afternoon after I went to see a neurosurgeon. So now not only am I out of football, I’m also out of any conditioning P.E. or any P.E. for that matter anyway. The lucky thing for me is I still get to do bowling in the winter. But the shocking thing is within the next twenty years more than likely I’m going to need surgery to correct what is wrong. Here is basically what happened. The lowest part of my spine, or the lowest area in the lumbar region in my spine, or the back of my spine on the lowest lumbar region whathaveyou, is not connected to the spine. Right now it’s only being held there by my muscles. But in twenty years my muscles will fatigue and that part will slip down and pinch my ciatic nerve, causing even greater pain in my back which would force me to get surgery. So basically I’m going to get surgery hopefully before it happens. That really sucks.



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