Unfortunately due to the amount of resources I have here, I can’t transfer my third podcast from my computer in my room to this computer. I only have a 128MB USB Thumb Drive, and the podcast is 140MB(Only cause it’s a wave file right now). The only reason I can’t convert it to MP3 because my computer is old (about 4 years old) and doesn’t have access to the internet for all that jazz. And it runs on Windows ME. Yeah it sucks. Anyway I plan on that probably being my last podcast if at all I release it. I’d rather spend my time writing for Techspec and reading the tech books I buy from Barnes and Noble. And those doctors visits for my back have taking up some time as well. Depending on what happens after I visit a neurosurgeon tomorrow about my CT scan results I might just be spending time to write. So yeah it’s all good.



One Response to Nowadays

  1. Hacked.Alias says:

    that sucks that u cant podcast anymore. Anyways good luck with your cat scan, and check out my blog for some crappy podcasts and such

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