Plug Time 2

Time to help out a fellow blogger so here goes. I’m sure some of you nerds have heard of him. It’s Jason a.k.a Dark Magician 25. It nice to know that I’m not the only person who rants about things. And I mean that in a good way. Anyway, now I’m going stir crazy over this damn job. I called again and once again I talked to the secretary. I told her I wasn’t trying to be pushy but I need to know now if I’m gonna have a job. Of course she gave me the runaround again and told me he would get ahold of me later today. Load of BS. So now it’s gotten my dad pissed. Who knows whats gonna happen now. Wow, I’ve been visiting Sarah Lane’s blog for the past few weeks and noticed that some of the people who comment on there (Not including me) are little high on something or just plain wacked. Seriously, I wonder what Sarah thinks of these people. And I might be over exaggerating but oh well so many people are starting rumors on her comments. I hope she deletes them soon.
Yipee, I had a load of fun today. I went to the hospital again and got a CT scan because they couldn’t find anything on my MRI. Round and round I go, where I stop nobody knows. And by that I mean doctors haven’t found anything on my x-rays and MRIs. So it’s been back and forth to hospitals and orthopedic doctors to figure out what the hell’s wrong with my back.


One Response to Plug Time 2

  1. CBSpaceCowboy says:

    hey, I feel left out. I want a plug. I’ll plug your blog next time I do a post which will probably be tomorrow.

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