The reunion and other things

Ahh yes, the much celebrated family reunion. Actually it wasn’t that bad because I had some relatives over from Ireland. And I’m talking about the country. So those people are always fun to talk to. And I guess I should apologize for making a comment on Spiderman’s Weblog. I made some comment about everyones favorite webslinger using a linksys card. I typed before I thought about it. I tend to make a bad habit out of that and end up making a complete fool out of myself. So therefore I apologize.


One Response to The reunion and other things

  1. Spider-Man says:

    No need for apologies Vash! Spidey’s got yer back.

    Right now I’m kicking back up atop the flatiron building after making my 6th round of Manhattan. It’s a pretty slow night so I’m gonna make a couple more rounds then head back to home sweet home.

    Take Care and Thanks for stopping by,
    Keep On Slingin!

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