Money Money Money…Moooonney!

And what I mean by that is that I got a job today. I work at a Ford dealership washing cars. Real easy stuff and I work five days a week. So I’ll finally have some money to do stuff around here. Like perhaps make some modifications to my piece of crap computer in my room. It’s not that great of a computer let me tell you. It runs on Windows ME and is a product of Hewlett Packard. Big piece of crap. It only has bout 256 MB of ram. Not exactly the cleanest electronic in your closet.What I’m more than likely going to do is start saving up some money on the side for an awesome laptop for college. I’ve got about two years before that so I should have some accumulated cash by then.


2 Responses to Money Money Money…Moooonney!

  1. Matt Wolfe says:

    congrats dude. buy a dell.

  2. CBSpaceCowboy says:

    congrats on the job.

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