I’m a little mad at my friend right now. I happen to like Green Day. Well my friend doesn’t and for some reason just started making fun of them. I wasn’t too pleased but let him continue. Then he started “trying to imitate” Billy Joe Armstrong. It sounded like crap to me but it seemed to amuse my other friends. So somehow I managed to change the topic to something else before I blew a blood vessel over my favorite band. All I can ask now is, if they can make a mute button for a tv or your computers media player, than how come you can’t make one for your friends. Ohh, I think they call that a fist. But I’m not violent so I won’t resort to that.


One Response to Hmmmmm……

  1. Scott says:

    Greenday is cool. I’m sure your friend likes some lame-ass bands you could make fun of too. I like Rage Against The Machine A LOT, but whenever I tell anyone I get a response like “yeah I liked that guerilla radio song and that band is really old.” Whatever, who cares what people think. Your friend was probably just being an arse for attention.

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