Two More Days

Until my birthday, yipee!! Although it’s gonna suck because I have to take the road test because I passed Driver’s Ed with a C+ because I forgot some papers for class one day. I was like 1% from a B. I was so pissed. Oh well, at least I’ll get it over with. Maybe I’ll just take it Tuesday because I might have to take the written test too, I’ve no idea. Fun stuff though!! Hmm, the only bad thing about friday is I have to go to the doctors for my hip problems from football. All I can say now is that I’m glad I’ve devoted myself to bowling. Less problems there. Hehe. I’m still a little sick now but I got better last night after I took some benedryl. That benedryl knocked me out though. I was asleep in an hour. Good stuff though. Not really but it helped nonetheless. And arggggh, I’m having so many problems with Bit Torrent. I’ve been trying to download Systm for the past couple of days and the bit torrent thing doesn’t play the file. I’m so confused now.


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