Revamping Time

Finally, I changed my template added some links to make this blog a little more interesting I guess. Today was alright. It was my friends birthday so we went cruising around town. That was fun. He’s also gonna get his license tomorrow which will be awesome. Unfortunately we both got mad at each other before we left. The only reason I got mad at him was because him and some other friends know I can’t run because of my football injury and started making fun of me and ran on ahead. I told them about three times to slow down and one of them managed to mutter back, “What’s that, can’t hear you all the way back there!” And then they ran off. Well I waited at the bridge that was right near by and was waiting to see if they would come back and they only called me, I told them where I was and waited about ten minutes for them to comeback and they didn’t come. Well they called me again and asked me a second time where I was and I told them once again where I was. Well about another ten minutes went by and I still waited there. Me being fed up from playing the waiting game I decided to walk home. About five minutes after I got home they called again and asked why I wasn’t at the bridge. I was kinda angry and gave them the run around and they hung up and I went inside. I played basketball with my brother and waited to see if they would come back but they didn’t. So I went inside and suddenly my throught started getting sore from that post-nasal drip stuff which is incredibly disgusting because I started hacking lougies. So now I think I’m coming down with a cold. So I guess it was kind of good that I came home anyway.


One Response to Revamping Time

  1. Scott says:

    That sucks dude. I hate when friends do stuff like that. Don’t get to worked up about it.

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