Anonymous needs to back off

Ok well if you read my blog you know that I live out in the country and have virtually no access to cable or satelite (could get satelite but my dad won’t pay for it), well of course I tried accessing Krose’s website to try and find more out about his G4 contract and that of any systm/broken updates and of course the website was inacessible due to the fact that everyone under the sun was on it and the bandwidth was all used up, as is were other sites related to it. Well I unfortunately made the mistake of forgetting that, and put a comment on Robert Padbury’s website inquiring about it. So someone decided to cowardly go anonymous instead of putting in their screen name and decided to blast me about it on his site. Here’s his exact quote

Anonymous said…

um, vash, are you a idiot? Like seriously, the release of the systm and the broken 3 has brought down all of the sights, like, did you think that the tiny bit of bandwith that holds thoese sites up could support a world release of a tech show that everyone has been wanting for almost a year now. Plus the fact that it was announced on live tv that was brodcast worldwide, plus the fact that it was mentioned on the twit podcast (current #1 in the world) and there was a cnet news article, and it was on slashdot, how could anything hold up with that drain on bandwith. Are you like 12 years old and think your a uber hacker cause you now how to use ethernal and can read html? Your a frigging moron, why the hell would there sites be down, its probably becausae your so friggin stupid that the all took there sites down and killed themselfs so they didnt have to deal with pathetic crap like you. Have a nice day :}

What a bastard right? Well here was my reply
Vash said…

Hey anonymous shut up, first of all if you read my blog you would know that I don’t have satelite or cable, hence the fact that I wouldn’t know what was going on you dumbass. I have no resources to help me out here so how bout you backdown. And just because I have read the books on html doesn’t mean I can read it, I’ve only skimmed through the books but like them. How bout you have a nice day!

Jeez, people have a lot of nerve to attack other people like that.


One Response to Anonymous needs to back off

  1. Scott says:

    That’s pretty low, insulting people as anonomys. Just delete the comments. I’ve recieved a few that were the same way.

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