Finals are Over!!!!

Yes, my summer break officially started as of 9:30 this morning. It was kinda of a stupid way to start summer break because I only had to go into school for an hour. I basically average B-‘s for all my finals. So for me that semester was alright. Next year I’ll be a genius though cause I will have all the classes I can do. And next year I’ll be taking a college course called Computer Information Systems. That will help me get prepared at least for whatever I’m doing when I get out here in two years. And in two weeks I finally get my license. Woohoo!!!
Wanna talk about awkward, I went to a youth group for like the first time ever. Nothing is more awkward then that. But it was an awesome youth group. For about an hour and a half a guy talked about God and there was singing and food and music, and videogames. Not your typical youth group. This one was more directed toward teens I guess. But it was fun none the less. So yeah that was how my day went today.


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