Finals Tomorrow

Fantasic, all my hard finals are tomorrow. There are three finals and only two out of three of those finals are hard. The hards for me are spanish II and geometry. Can’t wait to get those done and over with. The easy one I have tomorrow is Natural Science.
I almost gave myself a heart attack this morning. For my natural science final we have to study from our tests that we have taken over the semester. Your also supposed to turn those tests in when you take your final or you get a zero for you final exam. Even if your missing one test you’d get a zero. I thought I was missing one and started freaking out. Luckily I managed to find it under some other papers. What a big sigh of freaking relief.
Man do I have problems, I was supposed to ask out this girl out this morning but everytime I went to ask her she disappeared. Oh well. I have her in one of my classes so maybe this’ll work out. Who knows though with my luck.


One Response to Finals Tomorrow

  1. Scott says:

    Consider yourself lucky. I don’t have finals for 2 more weeks (3 mor weeks of school!!!)… I won’t study, but I just want school to be done with… Good luck with those.

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