Wow, I’m sure some of you, if your geeks, are familiar with Robert Padbury recently from, anyway, recently he decided to suddenly throw some readers blogs into his links and lucky me got the last link. So thanks robert!!
Well I managed to do a little better on my essays. My teacher proofread about halfway through my persuasive paper. Thats a little better considering I had a zero on it before. And then on my comparison-contrast essay on The Cask of Amontillado and The Gift of the Magi got a 25%. Thats great considering I had only written it the day before hand. Thats also good because my teacher has this wacky grading system which is you keep proofreading your essay and making corrections until you get an A on it. But the bad thing is it is do monday. So far my grade in that class is a B currently. I was hoping to get an A for Rhet and Comp but I guess I could settle for a B.
And is it me or does reality tv really suck? Bring back the good shows you lazy bastards!


One Response to Recognition

  1. Scott says:

    Don’t you mean “due Monday.” Heh. Yeah TV is the suxxor latley. The only things I watch are Adult Swim, Comedy Central, and Attack of the Show! (some times).

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