The Pool of Bethesda

Yeah I saw that play tonight and it wasn’t that bad. I couldn’t understand half of the medical mumbo jumbo like when the actors would talk about some guys brain tumor but it was all scientifical. The first half was confusing too because it was all stuff you couldn’t figure out until you saw the second half of the play. The ending was really funny though because the actors all started bowing and my best friend who was the lead actor came out and stood in a superman pose and then ripped his shirt on purpose. The drama teacher wasn’t too happy with that so later people suran wrapped her car. Yes her entire freaking car!!

Bowling was fun again today. My ultimate inferno was kicking ass the first game and I got a 193. And then the second game it just fell apart. I had to switch to my ebonite stinger and finished with a really horrible game not worth mentioning because it was below 160. And then the same thing happened with the third game. I could have had a 200 game there but the lanes broke down really quickly and I didn’t adjust like I should have. Genius right?


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