Confusion Deja Vu

Of course my dad did something stupid again. I called him today to tell him I was going to a dodgeball game and I went there. I then got a ride back to the high school. Knowing I had a lot of time before my dad would arrive at the middle school, I decided to call him and tell him to come pick me up at the high school. He told me fine and that he would be there in 15 minutes. About an hour and a half later he finally got there. He snapped on me telling me he was all worried and stuff and that I should have called him to tell him that I was at the high school. I wasn’t allowed to speak until he was done of course and even then I wasn’t allowed to tell my whole story because he kept telling me to shutup and that he is always right. LOAD OF BS!!! So I got grounded for a week for something my dad messed up. Again!!! He kept telling me again and again that he almost had to call the cops but didn’t because he probably realized I was at the high school. Well derrr!! I could have told him that, and I did! Of course the moron thought I was lying and accused me of calling him a liar. Not the case. On a good note today, I passed my spanish presentation. Thank god! And like always I failed my geometry test because my teacher sucks!! It’s not just me people! She marked me off for the littlest things. Seriously.



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