Yes, I didn’t have to show my presentation for spanish 2 today. I was one of three people who didn’t have to. Yes!! I actually have it memorized this time. Anyway, I actually saw about 20 minutes of Attack of The Show today and I must say unfortunately that it was better than I thought. I wasn’t sure but are both Kevins hosting it now? It was kind of funny though to see Kevin P. pretend to cry a little after his robot got annihilated in a robot rumble. On to other things, my dad flipped out on me for being flipped out for me being five minutes late home. I happened to be finishing up my pool game with my friend and then began to tie my shoes when he called. He was all snotty about it too. I know you should be on time to things but I was right across the street. He then began to rant on and on about how if this happens at my job then my boss will fire me. That doesn’t happen. I make sure of it. And then he kept interrupting me when he knows I hate that. Even if I try to start talking again he cuts me off. I really got pissed off. But anyway, yeah.



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