School Bytes

April 26, 2005

Yeah, I have three essays to write in the space of three weeks. So hopefully tomorrow I can finish writing two of them. One is a persuasive essay and the other is a comparison and contrast paper. And my last paper is an american heritage research paper. I’ve no idea what to write about on my research paper. And then I have to write a 5-8 minute persuasive speech. I have to write that all in the next three days. Fortunately I already have an outline done for that. And then I have to get my whole math test thing straightened out. I failed my geometry test for the second time in a row. So I’m going to go get help from the teacher sometime this week. All I can say is thank god I don’t have school on Wednesday and Thursday because of junior ACT testing.



Another Boring Day

April 19, 2005

Of course I can’t do anything out here in this town cause I live in the middle of nowhere. High School is just as boring. Most of the teachers right now are really boring except my drawing and my rhet and comp teacher. Those two classes are awesome. I can be really creative in my rhet and comp class. Simply because I can think of odd stories on the spot and write tons of about it. Other then that it really sucks. Oh well. Just can’t wait for the school year to be over. Next year it will be so easy. I have all the classes I want and I can drive to school. I’ll be an honor student next year too. Plus I’ve devoted myself to bowling instead of having to play football too. So I’ll be really focused for next years bowling season. Alright then.


The Pool of Bethesda

April 17, 2005

Yeah I saw that play tonight and it wasn’t that bad. I couldn’t understand half of the medical mumbo jumbo like when the actors would talk about some guys brain tumor but it was all scientifical. The first half was confusing too because it was all stuff you couldn’t figure out until you saw the second half of the play. The ending was really funny though because the actors all started bowing and my best friend who was the lead actor came out and stood in a superman pose and then ripped his shirt on purpose. The drama teacher wasn’t too happy with that so later people suran wrapped her car. Yes her entire freaking car!!

Bowling was fun again today. My ultimate inferno was kicking ass the first game and I got a 193. And then the second game it just fell apart. I had to switch to my ebonite stinger and finished with a really horrible game not worth mentioning because it was below 160. And then the same thing happened with the third game. I could have had a 200 game there but the lanes broke down really quickly and I didn’t adjust like I should have. Genius right?


April 15, 2005

Yeah, there’s this kid at my school who I haven’t done a thing too, and he’s been giving me crap all year long. And I’m still nice to this guy. Now I’m just gonna do the smart thing and ignore and stay away from this idiot. Which is good because this guy is seriously giving me an ulcer. Anyway, yeah tomorrow I get to go see my friends in a high school play called The Pool of Bethezduh or however the hell it’s spelled. But yeah it sounds funny.


Confusion Deja Vu

April 12, 2005

Of course my dad did something stupid again. I called him today to tell him I was going to a dodgeball game and I went there. I then got a ride back to the high school. Knowing I had a lot of time before my dad would arrive at the middle school, I decided to call him and tell him to come pick me up at the high school. He told me fine and that he would be there in 15 minutes. About an hour and a half later he finally got there. He snapped on me telling me he was all worried and stuff and that I should have called him to tell him that I was at the high school. I wasn’t allowed to speak until he was done of course and even then I wasn’t allowed to tell my whole story because he kept telling me to shutup and that he is always right. LOAD OF BS!!! So I got grounded for a week for something my dad messed up. Again!!! He kept telling me again and again that he almost had to call the cops but didn’t because he probably realized I was at the high school. Well derrr!! I could have told him that, and I did! Of course the moron thought I was lying and accused me of calling him a liar. Not the case. On a good note today, I passed my spanish presentation. Thank god! And like always I failed my geometry test because my teacher sucks!! It’s not just me people! She marked me off for the littlest things. Seriously.



April 9, 2005

Yes, I didn’t have to show my presentation for spanish 2 today. I was one of three people who didn’t have to. Yes!! I actually have it memorized this time. Anyway, I actually saw about 20 minutes of Attack of The Show today and I must say unfortunately that it was better than I thought. I wasn’t sure but are both Kevins hosting it now? It was kind of funny though to see Kevin P. pretend to cry a little after his robot got annihilated in a robot rumble. On to other things, my dad flipped out on me for being flipped out for me being five minutes late home. I happened to be finishing up my pool game with my friend and then began to tie my shoes when he called. He was all snotty about it too. I know you should be on time to things but I was right across the street. He then began to rant on and on about how if this happens at my job then my boss will fire me. That doesn’t happen. I make sure of it. And then he kept interrupting me when he knows I hate that. Even if I try to start talking again he cuts me off. I really got pissed off. But anyway, yeah.



April 6, 2005

Great!! For my Spanish class I have to memorize 90 seconds worth of spanish. I have to memorize sentences. Which really sucks because I have a hard enough time keeping track of one word let alone 90 seconds worth of words. She gave us the assignment yesterday and we are supposed to have it memorized by friday. I’m glad I only have 32 days left of school. And then summer!!!