One Weird Kid

Geometry sucks big time! I really do hate geometry. My teacher doesn’t help me too much so all I do is sit there and figure out why I can’t solve it. It is aggravating. But anyway the highlight of my day was on the bus. I was all fine and dandy and being quiet and didn’t say a word. We had to pick up the little kids at the middle school. This little kid asked if he could sit with me. I being the nice guy that I am said ok. He sat there and everything was fine and dandy for five minutes until the kid turned around and out of nowhere looks at me and says, “QUIT STARING AT ME!” Well I was staring out the window the entire time and never really paid attention to this kid until he started yelling. I told the kid to calm down and that I was not staring at him. He looked at me again and asked me, “Do you know who my mom is?” I replied that I didn’t really care. The kid then replied that he mom has kicked someone elses ass before with “Army Boots!” on. I once again replied that I didn’t care. He then started spazzing out and then started breathing really hard and clenched his fist. I told him once again to calm down. Then I started talking to my friend david. The little kid thought i was talking to him and turned around again and continued to spaz out. Finally the little kid got off! Jeez! That kids a psychopath.



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