G4 must be smoking pot again

What stupid mother f’r decided to come up with the name “Attack of the Show,” for the replacement name of The Screen Savers? Seriously they must have been smoking pot or doing some heavy drinking when they came up with that name. I was still considering watching The Screen Savers even though G4 murdered it, I was going to buy satelite like this week but when I heard the new name they came up with the name I asked myself this, is it really worth it now? G4 is really digging a bad hole for themselves. I probably still get satelite anyway. I’ll consider watching one episode of the “Attack of the Show” and if I’m severely disapointed I’m not going to watch it anymore. I’m sure many people will follow suit. But hey, if this is what gets you guys off at G4, then fine, go with the new name. Good luck with that.



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