Dan Huard’s Scopetech

Finally, Dan Huard’s Scopetech website is finally up and running. And I gotta tell you all except for the logo, everything else is pretty nice! He’s already got some forums up and running too. And one of them is pretty interesing. It’s about Ramzi. There’s a website pretending to imitate him. He may know a lot about hacking but he is not Ramzi. If you don’t believe me, Dan Huard even confirmed that it is not Ramzi. Plus the fact that the website says right on it “This is a tribute site to Ramzi.” So don’t be fooled. Anywho, I actually, and emphasis on actually, bowled a decent series for once. I bowled a 3 game series of 652. I bowled a 200, a 246, and a 206. I averaged a 217. Which for me, is pretty nice for the way I have been bowling recently.


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