March 30, 2005

Firefox sounds like an awesome web browser to me. But good ol dad won’t let me have it. Good thing for me I know how to hide such things. At first I was having trouble setting up firefox because my firewall wouldn’t let me access it. My dad then preceded to delete it off my computer and told me to stick with IE and google. I almost wanted to tell him to get bent but luckily I held my breath. He would’ve probably revoked my internet time if I had said that. I kept telling him how Kevin Rose recommends it and all and that it is better than IE and all he kept telling me that if IE was good enough for him then it was good enough for me. What a load of BS. Looks like I’ve got some configuring with my firewall to do.



G4’s web traffic

March 29, 2005

I just looked at Robert Padbury’s Blog and happened to have seen a graph of G4’s webtraffic since early 2004, it’s pretty pathetic compared to tech tv.


One Weird Kid

March 22, 2005

Geometry sucks big time! I really do hate geometry. My teacher doesn’t help me too much so all I do is sit there and figure out why I can’t solve it. It is aggravating. But anyway the highlight of my day was on the bus. I was all fine and dandy and being quiet and didn’t say a word. We had to pick up the little kids at the middle school. This little kid asked if he could sit with me. I being the nice guy that I am said ok. He sat there and everything was fine and dandy for five minutes until the kid turned around and out of nowhere looks at me and says, “QUIT STARING AT ME!” Well I was staring out the window the entire time and never really paid attention to this kid until he started yelling. I told the kid to calm down and that I was not staring at him. He looked at me again and asked me, “Do you know who my mom is?” I replied that I didn’t really care. The kid then replied that he mom has kicked someone elses ass before with “Army Boots!” on. I once again replied that I didn’t care. He then started spazzing out and then started breathing really hard and clenched his fist. I told him once again to calm down. Then I started talking to my friend david. The little kid thought i was talking to him and turned around again and continued to spaz out. Finally the little kid got off! Jeez! That kids a psychopath.


G4 must be smoking pot again

March 19, 2005

What stupid mother f’r decided to come up with the name “Attack of the Show,” for the replacement name of The Screen Savers? Seriously they must have been smoking pot or doing some heavy drinking when they came up with that name. I was still considering watching The Screen Savers even though G4 murdered it, I was going to buy satelite like this week but when I heard the new name they came up with the name I asked myself this, is it really worth it now? G4 is really digging a bad hole for themselves. I probably still get satelite anyway. I’ll consider watching one episode of the “Attack of the Show” and if I’m severely disapointed I’m not going to watch it anymore. I’m sure many people will follow suit. But hey, if this is what gets you guys off at G4, then fine, go with the new name. Good luck with that.


Another Bad Day

March 16, 2005

Well, today felt like CRAP!! First I have no idea if I did well on my Natural Science. And I have no idea if I did well on my Geometry test either. Drawing has been going pretty well lately. I’m actually able to draw something this time. I’m drawing an anime character on a scratchboard. And then to cap the day off was Speech class. Argggh I hate that class. My friend Mark was supposed to go today and he forgot everything at his house. He was going to fail his speech but me, being the nice guy that I am, decided to go instead of him. So I get up there and I do my speech. I’m reaching my conclusion when I figure out, I lost my conclusion card. Oh crap! And I didn’t have my visual with me. So I got a D on my Speech. And the thing that made that nice was the fact that my speech teacher put “Nice Job!” next to my D. I think my teacher doesn’t like me. All I can say is that I’m glad that I only have to take this class for one semester.


Computer Pranks

March 13, 2005

Check out this hilarious link. It’s Computer Pranks! There’s everything in there from your cd-rom drive open randomly and making rasberry noises to a program that opens and starts shouting curse words. Check it out!


Congratulations Alex!

March 12, 2005

Yes, Alex Albrecht has officially removed his comments section from his blog because it was getting out of hand. Big time. Supa or whoever the hell it was trying to impersonate Alex Albrecht and snapping on people. Obviously no one fell for it and told Alex.

Alright on to other things, anybody looking for a simple way to start programming just go to Programmers Heaven.

Finally they have started taping episodes of The Broken. Dan Huard looks funny in a business shirt doesn’t he?