I’ve got a problem

I’m supposed to do this speech for tuesday and the only problem I have is that I’m supposed to have a book source for it as the second source in our speech. My speech is on Michael Winslow, the man of a 1000 noises. Well I’ve looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find a single book on him at all. For those of you who know who he is he has been in the movies Spaceballs, and Police Academy 1-6 or however many there were and many more movies. He is the one in Spaceballs who has the problems with his radar because it was “jammed”. Anyway, to my luck I haven’t been able to find one at all and it’s supposed to be a 4 minute long speech and so far without the book it’s only 2 minutes long. I’ve got a problem. Although she doesn’t take off that many points for being under or over. She only takes off 1-2 points depending on how many 30 second intervals your under or over. Hopefully I’ll get this to go well.


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