I was just on Kevin Rose’s website and there was a link to the Hubble Telescope’s best images ever taken. The website is It’s pretty breathtaking if you ask me. Can’t wait for that Ipod Shuffle mod coming up soon. And for you Broken people they will start producing more episodes that will debut in March. Yes!!!! It’s just too bad for me out where I live couldn’t get a faster connection to download the episdodes. Yes it’s pretty pathetic. Out where I live i run on a 33,000 bps dial-up connection. Unfortunately I don’t have a job yet and my dad is taking his sweet time to get at least a Satelite connection because we can’t get broadband or dsl out by us. Bastards will install it everywhere else but here. I’ll unfortunately have to wait a year until they build that satelite for the town. Dammit!!! Oh well. I’m done venting so peace out people!


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