Come on Dan

Wow, I thought Dan Huard would have had his new website up yet but so far he hasn’t put it up yet. It’s supposed to be up but so far I think he’s probably making it perfect though so when he gets it up and running people will have a blast. School’s been a load of fun today. My freakin geometry teacher gave us a homework assignment that was more than hard. There was only 9 problems but I was lucky if I got to the fourth problem. You had to solve two different shapes and then combine their answers to make this giant ass answer. I was so confused and tried to get help but there was so many people in line you had to forget about it because it would’ve taken 10 minutes to get up to her and class only had 4 minutes left. I can’t exactly get help from my friend because the teacher would’ve yelled at me. Another freakin twist in this great class was that we had to turn in the worksheet by the end of the hour. And we had to have all the right answers too. GOOD LUCK with that one lady!!! Only about two people did that. Everbody else was confused as hell. Arrgggh. Everything else was fine and dandy in all the other classes except Spanish of course. That class bites. I’ve had that class for over five years and still I am confused. Thank god I’m not taking that class next year. Well I’m done venting for now. Enjoy this link if you would like a few laughs.




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