School really sucks, especially my spanish class cause i keep doing horrible on quizzes and stuff. I just can’t seem to remember anything anymore. I’m not dyslexic or anything. I just can’t seem to remember how to do anything right in that class. Oh well. I have my good ol computers at least. Those classes I’m awesome in. I surf through those really easily. My Speech class sucks, not the class itself, but the teacher. She’s an awesome teacher but today she really made me mad cause she gave me all C+’s on my speech for today. I did my speech on Conan O’Brien and I forgot to cite my sources which was my problem but still, She gave me a C+ on my Outline which is understandable because it was in pen and I didn’t have any pencils to write with. But my Notecards were fine and she gave me a C+ on those too. Arrgh. I just hope I do better on my next speech. All my other classes are fine the only problem I have is doing the problems for math and spanish. I just need a little help and i would be fine. Anyway this sucks I can’t get a job until the summer cause nothing around this desolate town is hiring until the start of the summer and the best place for me to apply for a job would be my local bowling alley. Plus I know everyone there so it’s easier and I could probably get discounts on bowling merchandise. That would be great. Hey if you go to Sarah Lane’s Webcam sometimes her facial expressions change really quickly while she’s at her computer. It’s kinda funny but boring. It’s fun to look at for about 5 minutes but becomes such a drag after that. Don’t worry Sarah your awesome!!!



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