Another Great Day Gone to Waste

February 27, 2005

Well of course I went bowling today, and that went horribly wrong. After this entire week of smashing a couple easy 600 series no problem, I somehow end up with a crappy series of 507. It was horrible. Nothing carried or connected today. And then to top it off I was supposed to finish my stupid Science Presentation today but then I got stuck having to go with to my relatives house that is and hour and a half away from my house. We stayed there for 6 hours. It wasn’t that bad being there but it was boring. …..Not having any money sucks!


I’m confused

February 24, 2005

Is the guy from Napolean Dynamite really dead or not? I’ve looked all over the place on the internet and I’ve got reports from left and right telling me he’s alive and the other half saying he is dead. If the rumor was from Januarary then I know he’s alive cause he was on The Tonight Show in Febuary. Anyway… Come on Mr. Dan Huard. Get that Scopetech website up and running!!!!

Apologies Are in Order

February 23, 2005

Like the title of this blog entry suggests I have to apologize to someone. Matt Wolfe, I am sorry if I stepped on your toes there with my recent entry titled “Way to go.” If you read the comment he left on that entry you can kind of see he wasn’t too happy. Or at least he didn’t sound too happy. However for some reason he did thank me for visiting the website. But anyway I apologize to The Tech Guys.

I’ve got a problem

February 21, 2005

I’m supposed to do this speech for tuesday and the only problem I have is that I’m supposed to have a book source for it as the second source in our speech. My speech is on Michael Winslow, the man of a 1000 noises. Well I’ve looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find a single book on him at all. For those of you who know who he is he has been in the movies Spaceballs, and Police Academy 1-6 or however many there were and many more movies. He is the one in Spaceballs who has the problems with his radar because it was “jammed”. Anyway, to my luck I haven’t been able to find one at all and it’s supposed to be a 4 minute long speech and so far without the book it’s only 2 minutes long. I’ve got a problem. Although she doesn’t take off that many points for being under or over. She only takes off 1-2 points depending on how many 30 second intervals your under or over. Hopefully I’ll get this to go well.


February 19, 2005

Wow, there is this guy on Dan Huard’s website named C. I simply replied to one of his comments on there because the only thing that guy could say on there was “Go Piss Yourself.” And he kept telling everyone else to quit bitching about G4 and TechTv. All I said was “Are those the only words in your vocabulary,” and he turns around and insults my blog by calling it gay. I mean at the time it was the only name I could come up with because I was in a depressed state. I’m fine now and I’m probably gonna change my website name or simply just change to another blog but jeez. But still he felt like doing that on Dan’s website. What the hell? If your gonna insult me send me an email instead of parading yourself around like a fag on a well known person’s weblog. Gotta say something. Say to me and not through someone else. Enough Said.

Way to go

February 18, 2005

Matt Wolf from The Tech Guys accidentally erased his backup drive on his computer. Nice!


February 15, 2005

I was just on Kevin Rose’s website and there was a link to the Hubble Telescope’s best images ever taken. The website is It’s pretty breathtaking if you ask me. Can’t wait for that Ipod Shuffle mod coming up soon. And for you Broken people they will start producing more episodes that will debut in March. Yes!!!! It’s just too bad for me out where I live couldn’t get a faster connection to download the episdodes. Yes it’s pretty pathetic. Out where I live i run on a 33,000 bps dial-up connection. Unfortunately I don’t have a job yet and my dad is taking his sweet time to get at least a Satelite connection because we can’t get broadband or dsl out by us. Bastards will install it everywhere else but here. I’ll unfortunately have to wait a year until they build that satelite for the town. Dammit!!! Oh well. I’m done venting so peace out people!