Good god, I still can’t decide whether or not to play football next year. I want to devote most of my time to bowling so I can get a scholarship out of here. I have two years left and I’m doing good for right now. I don’t really want to play football next year due to the fact that I suck. Seriously, I was thee worst sophomore linemen there was on the team. I could dominate against the freshmen of course but couldn’t do anything for the sophomore team. I got injured which was incredibly stupid too because normally you don’t really hear the bad people getting injured, it’s usually the really talented people. Plus the fact that all the talented people still want me to play. Why though? What’s the point? All that will happen to me is that I will get tossed around like a rag doll. Seriously. And it’s not like I gained any respect from anyone anyway. And I didn’t get the girl either. But thats to be expected cause it’s me. Yeah if you want anymore information about me moping around just go to my xanga website Vash124. Enough of this crap, anyway the OC rocks!!



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