Not Good

Yeah, not good, I think I failed my first test of the new semester. My actual geometry teacher came back the day of the test and I still didn’t understand anything so that didn’t help much. And another good thing happend, I just happened to piss off this incredibly hot girl in my spanish class. The exact opposite thing that I wanted to do. The good ol plan to woo the girl ain’t working. God Flabbit! My stupid luck once again prevailed, and not in a good way either. Oh well, someday something will happen. Anyway enough of this crap. My computer rocks! Too bad I only have a 33k connection. This sucks! I don’t get cable or broadband out here so this is the fastest connection I have until this town gets a satelite in a year. Stupid Aol can’t provide a good 56k connection to our town, the little greedy bastards are still charging us regular price for the month too.



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