Monday, Monday, Monday

Good god, Mondays really do suck! I thought my teacher for my math class was coming back early but i lucked out and she got sick. I do not like her one bit because she won’t let you turn in late work at all. I mean i know it’s your problem to get homework in on time but if it’s the difference between failing and passing i would try and help a student out. But anyway, I am going to fail my geometry test tomorrow because i simply do not understand it at all. I’m confused about the whole 30-60-90 triangles and area and such. I can get everything else but not this. Hopefully and no offense to my geometry teacher but i hope she is sick for the test tomrorrow so i can get some help from the substitute. And then to top it off today on the bus ride home i was talking with my friend on the bus about playing football next year and he seems to want me to play next year but I don’t want to. I mean i don’t want to lose people’s respect cause i won’t play anymore but it is because simply i suck! I am thee weekest person on the Rochelle Hub sophomore team. And next year i am going to varsity if i continue and i am debating whether or not to because it will interfere with my bowling season next year. Arggh these decisions are hard to make. Plus the fact that I will have a job and will start having to work during the summer when we will start having to work out for the summer weightlifting program. Plus the fact that I will be taking Consumer Ed during the summer as well. Jeez decisions, decisions.



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