Looking at a new bowling ball

Yes, yes already i am looking at a new bowling ball. It is called a BVP Nemesis. That ball hooks like a mother! I’ve seen people having to stand all the way on the left side of the lane (I’ve only seen people throw it right handed) and throw towards the ten pin (or the last pin on the right side) and it hooks right back into the pocket on the back end. That ball rocks!!!! Hey if anyone has been on http://kevinrose.textamerica.com you will notice that he has quicktime clips from his newly bought video phone, the Treo 650 from Sprint. No offense to kevin but i had my volume a little louder than normal and couldn’t hear anything anybody was saying except for the one where sarah lane was talking. He probably just should have been a little closer. I’m not trying to rant on kevin. Your awseome Kev keep up the good work!! By the way his weblog is http://kevinrose.com . Any of you computer geeks should check it out. And http://thebroken.org . I recommend that too. But for the broken make sure you have divx so you can watch their episodes.



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