Take 2

Ah yes, the favorite bowling meet we all like. The one that doesn’t count. A non-exhibition meet anyway. Rochelle Varsity and Rochelle JV both took 2 games out of three and took 5 out of 7 points against LeSalle-Peru. That was the first time Rochelle JV has ever lost a game this season. Thank god it wasn’t a conference meet. We have our last conference meet tomorrow and our JV Conference Meet is Saturday. Ya man!! We are gonna take first!! My first game was crap. I bowled a 127. I got pulled for the second game, and went back in the third game and bowled a little better with a 174. That was after I switched from my Ultimate Inferno to my old Ebonite Stinger (Pearl). I bowled 5 opens with my Ultimate and decided to switch to save myself. Didn’t help much by then but still it was knocking them down more than the Ultimate. I used my Stinger the entire third game. Oh well, better luck tomorrow, and as well results will be posted.

Rochelle vs Rockford Luthern



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