Homework Sucks

January 31, 2005

Yeah, homework truly does suck. I have to write an entire speech for tomorrow all in the space of 2 hours. Fun stuff right? Hopefully I’ll get it done on time. Other fun things have been going on too. Like me staying home and playing halo all day. And what the hell was going on with Dan Huard and the guys on Kevin Rose’s moblog? I would say they were a little more than drunk.



Why, Why, Why

January 30, 2005

Arrggh, sometimes friends can really piss you off. Today I was at a Rochelle High Basketball game and everyone was all fine and dandy until my friend “Jack” decided to go tell some people that I was going to do something really stupid and hurt myself. So then everybody started giving me these weird looks like I was nuts and would do something at that instant. That went on for 2 1/2 hours until I went home. Arrggh, I hate him now cause of that. Luckily for him I’m not stupid enough to do anything about it. They all think I’m crazy now and it’s pissing me off. Eventually I’ll get over it but still. Arrrrrgggh. Anyway, to make matters worse I bowled really crappy on my first day of Junior League. Wow man, I couldn’t even break a 150. It was horrible.


And don’t worry people, I’m fine.


January 28, 2005

Good god, I still can’t decide whether or not to play football next year. I want to devote most of my time to bowling so I can get a scholarship out of here. I have two years left and I’m doing good for right now. I don’t really want to play football next year due to the fact that I suck. Seriously, I was thee worst sophomore linemen there was on the team. I could dominate against the freshmen of course but couldn’t do anything for the sophomore team. I got injured which was incredibly stupid too because normally you don’t really hear the bad people getting injured, it’s usually the really talented people. Plus the fact that all the talented people still want me to play. Why though? What’s the point? All that will happen to me is that I will get tossed around like a rag doll. Seriously. And it’s not like I gained any respect from anyone anyway. And I didn’t get the girl either. But thats to be expected cause it’s me. Yeah if you want anymore information about me moping around just go to my xanga website Vash124. Enough of this crap, anyway the OC rocks!!


Not Good

January 27, 2005

Yeah, not good, I think I failed my first test of the new semester. My actual geometry teacher came back the day of the test and I still didn’t understand anything so that didn’t help much. And another good thing happend, I just happened to piss off this incredibly hot girl in my spanish class. The exact opposite thing that I wanted to do. The good ol plan to woo the girl ain’t working. God Flabbit! My stupid luck once again prevailed, and not in a good way either. Oh well, someday something will happen. Anyway enough of this crap. My computer rocks! Too bad I only have a 33k connection. This sucks! I don’t get cable or broadband out here so this is the fastest connection I have until this town gets a satelite in a year. Stupid Aol can’t provide a good 56k connection to our town, the little greedy bastards are still charging us regular price for the month too.


Ooo boy

January 26, 2005

Yeah, our varsity sectionals didn’t go so well. South Beloit took first and Freeport took second. And Freeport only beat us by 16 pins. 16 freakin pins!!! Good god! Anyway the good news that came out of this was that two of our bowlers get to go to State. That should be fun considering it’s all the way down by St. Louis. Jeez!! Anyway. Eventually I’ll get more tech into this weblog but for now my resources are limited.


Monday, Monday, Monday

January 25, 2005

Good god, Mondays really do suck! I thought my teacher for my math class was coming back early but i lucked out and she got sick. I do not like her one bit because she won’t let you turn in late work at all. I mean i know it’s your problem to get homework in on time but if it’s the difference between failing and passing i would try and help a student out. But anyway, I am going to fail my geometry test tomorrow because i simply do not understand it at all. I’m confused about the whole 30-60-90 triangles and area and such. I can get everything else but not this. Hopefully and no offense to my geometry teacher but i hope she is sick for the test tomrorrow so i can get some help from the substitute. And then to top it off today on the bus ride home i was talking with my friend on the bus about playing football next year and he seems to want me to play next year but I don’t want to. I mean i don’t want to lose people’s respect cause i won’t play anymore but it is because simply i suck! I am thee weekest person on the Rochelle Hub sophomore team. And next year i am going to varsity if i continue and i am debating whether or not to because it will interfere with my bowling season next year. Arggh these decisions are hard to make. Plus the fact that I will have a job and will start having to work during the summer when we will start having to work out for the summer weightlifting program. Plus the fact that I will be taking Consumer Ed during the summer as well. Jeez decisions, decisions.


Looking at a new bowling ball

January 23, 2005

Yes, yes already i am looking at a new bowling ball. It is called a BVP Nemesis. That ball hooks like a mother! I’ve seen people having to stand all the way on the left side of the lane (I’ve only seen people throw it right handed) and throw towards the ten pin (or the last pin on the right side) and it hooks right back into the pocket on the back end. That ball rocks!!!! Hey if anyone has been on http://kevinrose.textamerica.com you will notice that he has quicktime clips from his newly bought video phone, the Treo 650 from Sprint. No offense to kevin but i had my volume a little louder than normal and couldn’t hear anything anybody was saying except for the one where sarah lane was talking. He probably just should have been a little closer. I’m not trying to rant on kevin. Your awseome Kev keep up the good work!! By the way his weblog is http://kevinrose.com . Any of you computer geeks should check it out. And http://thebroken.org . I recommend that too. But for the broken make sure you have divx so you can watch their episodes.